What’s next- Munich jewellery week & Beam of light Ausstellung

Collaboration is at the heart of this exhibition.  Designing is a process in which ideas are drafted, revisited, continuously optimised and redeveloped. If designing on your own, s/he/they is most likely confronted with her/his/their own thoughts. Trying to explore experimentally what the next ways of designing could be, What’s next’ displays pieces which have been developed in a cross-discipline collaboration which ranges from textiles to print designers. 
Throughout this collaboration our ideas have been challenged and often surprisingly refined by our partners. Raising questions around the making process and individual ownership, we have been curious about the approach and results from one and another. Our main question remains open: What’s next?’ 
Join us for the opening on Wednesday 11th March 6-9pm for a drink and chat with the exhibiting designers. 
Meet us: Stephanie Kahnau & Annika Schueler, Studio Gutedort & Jasmin Hess, Holly Drewett & Bine Roth