Munich Jewellery Week 2022- More than (a) movement

 Eva Schlechte, Jasmin Nussbaum, Sally Collins, Stephanie Hensle, Miriam Arentz, Katharina Dettar, Bine Roth, Holly Drewett, Stephanie Kahnau, Silvia Weidenbach.

The world is perpetually on the move. We have become distinctly aware of our reliance on our global, interconnected economies and social systems. And we have watched those fragile systems break down, leading to a (re)imagining of our potential futures.

More than (a) Movement presents creative individuals from multiple countries committed to advancing our collective transformation, continuing historical debates and investigating the cultural roles of jewellery and objects. Journeying through the personal histories in the artists’ works, the exhibition aims to present new perspectives on our changing world and trigger visitors to reflect on their visions of our future critically.